Q: How long is the 8.5 mile race?
A: Approximately 13.7kms.

Q: Why the odd distance?
A: The race started as the PG to Boston race which was run from Salmon Valley to Spruceland which is 17miles. The route has been modified over the years but still includes part of the original route.

Q: What category am I in?
A: Just pick your distance and we will decide your age category for you (and we’ll be right unless you lie about your age).

Q: Is the race on Labour Day?
A: Actually, no.
The race is the day before Labour Day.

Q: What do I do with my children after the fun run?
A: Congratulate them?
If you are running the main event, you are still responsible for your children (we are not). So, unless you are entering the stroller category and bringing them with you, you will need to make arrangements to have them picked up or supervised.

We are always looking for Volunteers!

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